About Us

GOL stands for Guerillas OLiberation, and was established back in 2003 in Operation Flashpoint.

We enjoy playing Armed Assault II in a highly tactical and professional way, but also ensuring a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use our own tactics and ‘rules’, instead of a current real world army. This allows us to work in Armed Assault II more effectively, with our tactics that have been tried and tested within the game.

We also use our own communication system which has been tweaked and tested within the past few months. We want to ensure a minimal amount of communication is kept where it is not necessary, we therefore use Teamspeak’s whispers and channel commanders effectively. We also assign a ‘HQ’ Role who are the center of the communications to allow us to progress through operations with someone having full control over what each fireteam does. This has proven to work very effective in large operations.

GOL Clan are always welcoming mature Armed Assault II players to join us. We don’t enjoy playing with trigger happy players, who do not want to follow a plan our take part in our tactics. We do welcome good teamwork, and effective communication between members. We do ask members are from (or around) the EU due to the time differences between countries. We hold weekly organized training sessions which members are asked to join.