Badugi Tournament Strategy

If you don’t know how to play Badugi poker. You should read the post “How To Play Badugi Poker” first and then check this website. In this post, I am going to cover the badugi poker tournament strategy that I personally use and came up with. I am sure its nothing new to a person that been playing badugi poker for awhile.

At the beginning of any badugi poker tournament. Their are players in the tournament that have no idea what they are doing. These are the players you want to keep your eye for. They are going to grow your chip stack early in the tournament. The way you spot these players is fairly easy. First look at the players that play way too many hands. Second you want to look at the players going to show without badugi or with a really high badugi.

Knowing that alone will get you in a tournament of 1,500 players down to around 200 to 300 players left. Now this is where you want to tighten up your game. Once its around 250 players left in the badugi tournament. It’s nothing but real badugi players left in the tournament. So you can’t push hard with your bets holding a 8 high badugi thinking you going to win. It’s just not going to happen.

With 250 players or less left in the tournament. I start to take notes on other players. For example, if I see a player bet hard, nice soild bets, and at the showdown he reveals a 7 high badugi. I write that as the note. Next time I have a 6 high badugi or lower and I am up against him. I will go hard with the bets. He most likely have an 7 high badugi or higher. Sometimes players will surppise you with something lower but most likely they have their cut of limit of what they will go hard with.

For example, I seen one player play hard with any badugi that 8 high badugi or less. He did this a few times before I wrote the note to remind myself. Next time he did those soild big bets. I was holding an 5 high badugi. I knew I had a really great chance of winning this hand. Since he goes hard with any badugi less than 9. By the end of it, he was allin. Cards reveal, I have the 5 high badugi and he had an 7 high badugi. I won all his chips.